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Vehicle Licence

What to know

When taking part in lessons, please remember to bring your Learner’s Licence as well as your log book so that your instructor can sign you off once you complete a lesson. Every hour with us works out to three hours in your log book (for up to ten lessons). If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact us.


Driving lesson (Bundaberg) $65 per/1 hour
Driving lesson (Childers) $65 per/1 hour
Night driving lesson $70 per/1 hour

Your test:

  • Lesson before test - $65
  • Vehicle hire - $65
  • Total - $130
  • Plus b/fee. (QLD Transport)


Lesson packages: In addition to the lesson pricing above, we also offer lesson packages. Simply ask us for a package that best suits you. Please note that these packages do not include lesson & tests or booking fees.

Queensland Transport fees

Booking Fee: Queensland Transport requires a payment of a booking fee for your practical driving test. This does not form part of your costs on the day of your actual test. Please visit their licence fees page for current booking prices.

Provisional Licence cost: When you have passed your test, you are eligible for a Provisional Licence. Queensland Transport requires a payment to be made to them at their office. Please visit their licence fees page for current licence prices.

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