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Truck FAQ's

Q: How long do I need to hold my car licence for?

For MR?, you need to have held your car licence for one year in the last five years. For HR, you need to have held your car licence for two years in the last five years. For HC, you must have held an MR or HR for one year.

Q: Do I need a learners permit to learn to drive a heavy vehicle?

No, but you do need to complete a written test at Queensland Transport before upgrading your licence.

Q: How many lessons do I need to have?

The amount of lessons depends on the individual. On average, the students that I have put through take four to six lessons.

Q: Is there a difference between a synchromesh and a constant mesh transmission (crash box)?

Yes. Basically a synchromesh requires a single clutch depression to change gears where as a constant meshing transmission requires a double clutch for up shifting and a double clutch with a rev in between for a down shift.

If you pass your test in a synchromesh truck you will have a condition B (synchromesh or automatic only) on your licence. If your test is completed in a constant meshing gearbox (crash box) there are no restrictions to the gearbox type on your licence.

Q: Are all trucks the same to drive?

No. Every truck that you drive will be different, whether it is the gears, steering, breaks or engine. We will give you a basic formula for safe driving. It is up to you to practice and improve your skills.

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