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Motorcycle FAQ's

Q: I've never ridden a motorcycle in my life but it's something I've always wanted to do. How can I go about getting my licence?

We cater for Students of all ages and riding capabilities. First you need to obtain an RE Learner Licence from your nearest Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre. There's a written test with 30 questions you need to answer (multiple choice) and you can do this on-line if you prefer. Simply click here to go to the Website of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Remember you don't have to wait any length of time after you obtain your RE Learner Licence – just give us a call.

Q: I am really nervous and worried when I get out on the road I'll forget which road to take. (This is also the case if you're not familiar with Bundaberg roads).

We use 2-way radios for continuous contact with each Student. This makes it easy for navigation throughout the Course coupled with the ability for Bryan to fine-tune your roadcraft skills whilst conducting on-road training. Bryan takes a maximum of 3 Students on-road at any one time, thus ensuring personalised training.

Q: It's been a long time since I rode a motorcycle. I used to have a licence but I let it lapse.

Motorcycle lessons are $60.00 per hour including hire of a motorcycle and safety gear. If you have your own motorcycle, you can certainly use that for your lesson.

Bryan will call round to your residence and the lesson will commence there. This is in the Bundaberg town area.

If you live out of town, perhaps you have a friend who has his or her open motorcycle licence, so that he or she can follow you in. It may be more convenient if you don't have anyone who can follow you, just to simply use one of our motorcycles for the lessons.

Just ask our friendly Office staff when you ring and they can assist you in deciding what is best for you – phone number 4152 7126.

Q: What do I need to bring on the day?

You need to make sure you have your Licence and all your safety gear as follows:-

(a) A motorcycle helmet complying with AS 1698 (protective helmets for vehicle users) or better;
(b) Full length pants;
(c) Long sleeve shirt or jacket made from heavy material;
(d) Eye protection designed for use by motorcycle riders;
(e) Fully enclosed gloves designed for use by motorcycle riders; and
(f) Fully enclosed shoes.

We supply cold bottled drinking water - just bring a few dollars if you would like to purchase morning tea when we make our first stop after the manoeuvres down at the Moore Park Petrol Station.

Q: I have now passed the Q-Ride Course and have my RE Licence. Am I now able to learn on an 'R' class motorcycle?

NO. You must hold your RE Licence for 12 months before you are able to learn to ride an ‘R' class motorcycle. Don't forget you must have an L plate on the back of the motorcycle and be accompanied by a rider with an open ‘R' Licence (held for more than 12 months). Fines and loss of demerit points can result from non-compliance.