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Lern-Ezy Driving School provides lessons for novice riders as well as RE and R licences.

Licence Information

Learner Licences

In order to apply for your motorcycle learner licence (RE), you need to have held a licence of another class (provisional or open) for at least 12 months. Once you meet this requirement you need to perform a written test and apply for the Learner Licence. You can do this at any of the following locations:

  • Department of Transport / Main Roads centre
  • Queensland Government Agency Program office
  • Licence issuing police station

Your learner licence will be class RE. This allows you to ride Learner Approved Motorcycles (see the LAM scheme section below). The second class of licence, class R, allows you to use any registered motorcycle.

Provisional and Open Licences

To move from a class RE Learner licence to a class RE provisional or open licence you will need to undergo training and assessment through either Q-SAFE or a QRide course.

The same process must be followed for a class R licence once you have held your class RE licence for at least 12 months.

LAM Scheme

The Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAM Scheme) was introduced on 1 July 2009, and restricts class RE (restricted) motorcycle licence holders to a combined power-to-weight ratio and engine capacity restriction. The former 250 millilitre (mL) engine capacity restriction no longer applies.

The objectives of the scheme are to:

  • improve safety for novice motorcycle riders
  • achieve consistency between Queensland and the other eastern states (New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania and South Australia).
For further details and a list of approved motorcycles click here

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